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The battle between good and evil rages on in the newest installment of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Lover Mine is John Matthew and Xhex’s story. In previous books, these two have shared intense fellings for each other but did not establish a permanent relationship. At the end of Lover Avenged Xhex was kidnapped by Lash when the Brotherhoods stormed the sympath colony to save Rhevenge. Lash is the ForeLesser and bad boy son of the Omega.


Lover Mine by JR Ward picks up right where Lover Avenged left off. John is fervently looking for Xhex. His hope is to find her alive, but being out in the field with the Brotherhood, John realizes he very well just may be searching for a body. John seeks out Trez and iAm to try and get any information that may help locate Xhex. The Shadows have information about a drug meeting between Lash and Caldwell’s biggest importer. From this meeting John and the Brothers are able to track Mr. D (Lash’s second in command) back to a non-descript brownstone. It’s obvious that Xhex had been kept here, but because of Lash’s spell, no one can see that she’s still there and they leave without her.


There are also several secondary story lines that weave into the main story. Depending on what kind of reader you are, this will either distract from or enhance the main story. For me, it made it better and did not detract from the main story at all.


My interest in this series has been heightened again because of Lover Mine. There are so many questions that I would like to have answered and so many happily ever afters I still want to see. I took my time reading this book so I could savor it. The writing is superb and flows well. New elements were added to the series, conflicts resolved and yet there are still things that hold my interest. I cannot wait for the next book. Lover Mine is an amazing story and Ward is such a talented author. I’ve heard several people say that after the last couple of books, they were giving up on the series. To those people, please read Lover Mine before you make that decision. In the end Lover Mine really adds to the continuing saga of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and will have a place on my keeper shelf.

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